Season Two; Episode #41: Matt Mosman: Advanced Supplements

02 Dec Season Two; Episode #41: Matt Mosman: Advanced Supplements

Beni sits down with Matt Mosman and Hoonter (kind of hoonter) to chat supplements. Matt is the CEO (Chief Endurance Officer…so clever) of EndurElite, the new super hot, super sexy, super transparent supplement that is sweeping the OCR podiums.

-How his product is so good, the unsponsorable (Ryan Woods) is sponsored by it…

-Hoonty needs to get some quality signal…

-All the different tricks that supplement companies try and pull over on the consumers to save money on manufacturing…

-As well as some tips from the supplement on how to get the most out of your supps…

…and much more!

Get connected with Matt:

Facebook: Endurelite
Instagram: @endurelite

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