Obstacle Racing.

If you haven’t done it, you’re missing out.

In just four years, this addictive mix of fun and fitness has become the fastest-growing sport in the world, leaving the ho-hum world of half-marathons, marathons and triathlons in the dust – or perhaps more appropriately – the mud.

It’s primal.

Deep down, you’re hardwired to hang out with a big tribe of other people having a good time hanging, climbing, crawling, running and swimming. It’s totally natural to want to step out of that boring, drab office, get out of the ho-hum house and the claustrophobic gym, and instead crave and explore the playground of the great outdoors, getting muddy, scaling walls, climbing ropes, throwing spears and hoisting boulders.

In other words, obstacle racing takes you out of your boring life and allows you to you feel alive again.

And it’s a hell of a good time. Who wouldn’t want to build an amazing body, turn a workout into a party, and make fitness fun again?

Just think back to when you were a kid. Obstacle racing is just like the way you used to play on monkey bars, rocket down slides, and explore the playground – except now you get to compete, get a medal, chase a personal best, brag at the office, and (if it’s your thing) get a tattoo, a beer or a souvenir sword at the finish line.

There’s no fancy or expensive equipment required for obstacle racing – all you need is an old pair of shoes and a t-shirt you don’t mind destroying.

In exchange, you get a huge exercise high.

You get to hang out with your friends, join a tribe, and make new friends.

You get extremely fit, you get incredibly sexy, and you get to feel amazingly alive. Getting down and dirty, pumped with endorphins and challenging your body in a variety of new ways keeps you young and vibrant. What’s not to love?

But there can be some serious problems with obstacle racing.

It can be embarrassing, painful, and downright dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. For example:

-You can waste hours, days, weeks and months of your life training the wrong way and doing damage to your body.

-You can completely run out of energy (and even not finish!) if you don’t know how to pace properly or how to arrive at the starting line feeling confident and prepared.

-You can get forced to painfully grit your teeth through a race from annoying chafing, biting blisters, bleeding hands, scrapes, cuts and bruises from the wrong kind of technique and gear.

-You can get a locked-up and injured back, cramped hamstrings, twisted ankles from tackling the obstacles without knowing what you’re doing.

-You can get halfway through a race and be doubled over with embarrassing gas, bloating and an upset stomach from nutrition confusion and fueling mistakes.

-You can get too fat, too skinny or never get that lean, ripped body that obstacle training and racing can definitely give you, just because your nutrition or training is missing a few key components.

-And of course, you can amass lots and lots of frustrating burpee penalties and time penalties from messing up on obstacles or not knowing how to even do an obstacle in the first place.

So let’s face it.

When it comes to obstacle racing, it can be pretty darn confusing to figure out how to properly balance strength and cardio…

…how to set up your training week the right way…

…how to eat and drink for optimum performance…

…and even how to avoid wearing the wrong kind of gear that makes you look dumb or clueless, or worse yet, backfires on you during a race (like certain brands of shoes that may look great, but fall off in the first mud pit you run through!)

But this stuff shouldn’t be hard to learn.

It shouldn’t be a confusing, time-wasting process to figure out how to train, how to eat, and how to get all the skills you need to not be uncomfortable and embarrassed during your race.

It shouldn’t be difficult to get all the skills you need to dominate every obstacle and finish with a big smile on your face.

But the fact is, there aren’t many ways  to find all this knowledge proven and packaged in one easy-to-find place. Instead, you’d have to sign up for an obstacle race and then scratch your head and keep your frustrated fingers crossed that you’d somehow be able to cross that mysterious finish line. Out there. Somewhere.

And then, Obstacle Dominator was born.

4 of the sports greatest minds gathered everything you could possibily want to know on the hows-whos-whats and wheres of obstacle racing; guides, podcasts, plans, interviews, training materials. You’ll find it all here, at Obstacle Dominator.

Lets meet those 4, starting with

Hunter McyIntyre

Hunter is a true icon in obstacle course racing.

Commonly known in the Obstacle Course Racing world as “The Sheriff”, him and his Greek-god like body have been one of the driving forces of the sport for the past several years. After spending several years immersed in wild parties, drugs, and alcohol, Hunter decided to change his life and use his background in personal training to begin training for and racing Spartans.

In just a few short months, he took the exact workouts and training strategies you’re about to discover and used them to establish himself as a top Reebok Spartan pro team athlete…

…with the ultimate combination of ripped muscles and huge lungs.

Now, he spends every day in the trenches training athletes for obstacle racing, training himself and traveling around the globe to take on the earth’s toughest obstacle racing challenges – and passing the knowledge on to you.

Then there’s Beni Gifford.

Spartan Pro team member and 3rd in the USA for Spartan Race, Beni has one of the most diverse and successful careers in the sport of OCR. With over 40 podium finishes in 2 years of professional racing at race series such as Spartan Race, Savage Race, BattleFrog (and many more,) Beni is the only pro international athlete to ever complete the Toyota Warrior Race in South Africa (5th place at their National Champs.) After winning the 250k prize purse from Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge on NBC, he decided to frequent the TV scene: he’s a multiple time competitor and tournament champion on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge on CMT, earned 6th in the inaugural TMX World Championships on CBS, is an OCR Warrior tournament champion and ESPN Battlefrog League Championships team captain.

Now how about some Brakken

Brakken Kraker

Compiling over 30 career wins and 70+ podium finishes dating back to 2011, Brakken Kraker has been a mainstay in the sport of OCR since it’s inception. With a background in multiple sports, including collegiate track & field, Brakken took to OCR immediately and never looked back. As one of the premier racers and coaches in the sport, Brakken brings a unique, experienced-based and very cerebral approach to all things endurance. Although a middle distance specialist by nature, Brakken has enjoyed success at every level from short courses to ultra distances.

And last but definitely not least is Ben Greenfield

Ben, in contrast to Hunter, is a mild-mannered fitness and diet nerd who lives with his wife and twin boys out in the forest in Washington state, and has studied exercise physiology, biomechanics, nutrition and every scientific aspect of the human body for over a decade.

Consider him the ultimate human performance professor.

His balanced approach to fitness, nutrition and health comes from his extensive experience in the fitness and wellness industry as one of the country’s leading personal trainers and wellness consultants, and he’s been named as one of the world’s most influential people in health and fitness.

Ben has tapped into the delicate science of helping people achieve amazing feats of physical performance like obstacle racing, but do so in an extremely smart way, without destroying their bodies. Over the past decade, Ben has competed in bodybuilding, tennis, water polo, volleyball, he’s completed dozens of triathlons, 10 Ironman triathlons and 5 Ironman Hawaii World Championships, and he has now brought his scientific nerdiness and knowledge of how to get maximum results in minimum time into the world of obstacle racing.

Together, they launched a podcast and fielded hundreds of questions from obstacle racers, to find out what you really struggle with when it comes to obstacle racing.

Rather than watching cheesy online videos and sitting around reading obstacle racing books and magazines, they went out and got their hands calloused and dirty.

They built their own obstacles. They figured out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to pacing and racing.

They figured out how to get extreme speed and how to stay safe doing it.

They figured out what shoes cause foot blisters and what shoes don’t.

…which races you should wear gloves in…

…what kind of nutrition to carry and how to carry it…

…how to train for short races and how to train for long races…

…how to make sure your muscles stay strong…

…your hormones stay balanced and your lungs get huge…

…how to toe the starting line with supreme confidence…

…and how to cross that finish line with a huge smile on your face…

With years of training, racing, studying, writing and interviewing experts, the Obstacle Dominator program continues to improve, and you’re about to discover exactly what’s included…starting with the 10 key components of this groundbreaking obstacle training program.

They creatively, intelligently and scientifically mashed up every training technique on the face of the planet – from Ironman triathlon-style training to marathoning to Crossfit to powerlifting to bodybuilding to rowing and they created an obstacle race training plan unlike anything that has ever existed…

…an obstacle racing plan designed for the distinct purpose of getting you fit fast for obstacle racing if you’re just getting started, and allowing you to absolutely dominate obstacle racing with zero guesswork if you’re a seasoned athlete.

So that’s how it happened.

NEW! #1 Train Like the Pros: Complete Pre-Season & In-Season OCR Guide

Are you an already fit athlete or a total newbie who doesn’t need constant feedback and communication from a coach, but does want to plug in intelligent, targeted sessions to your training schedule?

This program, designed by Obstacle Dominator hosts and professional OCR athletes Beni Gifford and Brakken Kraker, is specifically designed to allow any athlete to train for obstacle course racing (OCR) in a very running specific manner (the proven run-based model that the top pros use!). The sport of OCR revolves around the ability to traverse the racecourse as swiftly as possible, and this program prepares you to do just that. The beauty of this program lies in its ability to be used in a modular way. There are four types of training blocks present in this program: Off-Season, Pre-Season, In-Season, and Championship Season.

The Off-Season and Pre-Season blocks are 8-week programs consisting of 2x 4-week microcycles. They can be shortened to one 4 week block of training or can be completed as a full 8-week block, depending on the time available to you in your build-up to your goal races. 

The In-Season block is even more modular. While scripted as a 12-week progression, it can be applied in as little as 4 weeks or extended for up to 24 weeks. Again, the amount of preparation time available to you will determine how you apply this block.

The fourth and final piece to this program is the Championship Season block. This is a 5-week training cycle that fine-tunes and sharpens your fitness towards one specific race, location, and distance. 

When applying these four blocks of training, you simply need to identify your goal Championship race, then work backward in order to correctly time your transitions from block to block. The entire program can be completed in as few as 18 weeks, while also having the ability to be extended for up to 33 weeks! However, it’s applications are not limited to a linear application. You can return to any previous block of training at any time in order to restart your training. You might have a very important race in June that you prepare for starting in January. Upon completing that race, you can take a week or so of rest and recovery before completing another 4-week block of Pre-Season. From there you build back up towards your next Championship race in October. For each day – delivered in an instantly downloadable .pdf you can view on your computer, phone or e-reader, and print with zero restrictions – you’ll receive a complete plan with clear execution and purpose on each session for every training day.

#2 Obstacle Dominator Training Manual: 6 Complete Obstacle Race Training Plans For All Levels


Whether you are just getting started in obstacle racing, you want to completely dominate your race, or you just want to have an absolutely amazing, lean, muscle-defined body, the six plans you get in this training manual will equip with you with everything you need to train for each distance, including exercise instructions, helpful videos, obstacle training and racing resources, and much more.

In this 325 page manual that goes way above and beyond standard, ho-hum obstacle training advice, you’ll instead get the following:

  • 8-Week Obstacle Dominator Sprint Plan – zero-guesswork training plan for 2-5 mile races.
  • Sprint Training 4-Week Bonus Add-On – use this bonus to fill out your calendar or as a quick month-long injection of pure sprint fitness.
  • 12-Week Obstacle Dominator Super Plan – zero-guesswork training plan for 6-10 mile races.
  • 15-Week Obstacle Dominator Beast Plan – zero-guesswork training plan for 11-14 mile races.
  • Beast Training 4-Week Bonus Add-On – use this bonus to fill out your calendar or as a quick month-long injection of pure Beast fitness.
  • 12-Week Obstacle Dominator Minimalist Plan – This plan is versatile for anything from a Sprint up to a Beast distance and will allow you to get maximum results in minimum time, while still having time for friends, family, career and other hobbies.

We’ve also included three killer bonuses in the Obstacle Dominator Training Manual, straight from the slightly insane mind of Hunter McIntyre:

  • Ab Dominator Cash-Outs – prepare to get a flat stomach and ripped six-pack with these optional ab workouts that you can inject at the beginning of any of your workouts, use to “cash-out” at the end of your workouts, or even do as a standalone workout whenever and wherever you want. These ab workouts require minimal equipment, but will build a bulletproof core in no time flat.
  • Dominator Warm-Ups – these warm-ups, straight from the seasoned mind of Hunter McIntyre, are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Rather than doing a boring jog or some leg and arms swings, you’ll instead get entertaining and unique warm-ups that will increase your fitness just by doing the warm-up itself, and have you 100% prepared to dominate the actual workout! You can also use these warm-ups for your races.
  • Dominator Fitness Tests – You can use these unique fitness tests once a week to every four weeks as a check-in to see the crazy fitness gains you’ll make as you follow the Obstacle Dominator workouts. These are the same fitness tests that Hunter McIntyre uses to evaluate his progress, and now they can be yours too.

When you combine these three bonuses with the six plans you get in the training manual, you’ll have every exercise, workout, test and instruction you need to confidently step onto the starting line of your obstacle race, you’ll know that you’ve wasted no time and you’ll be trained just like the seasoned pros!

Full access to the online training platform “TrainingPeaks”.  This is a slick app that allows you to manage your workouts, get workout notifications, keep workout logs, and even upload heart rate and training data (yep, we’ve totally nerdified it for you data geeks out there and simplified it for those of you that don’t dig computers but love your phone).

#3 Obstacle Dominator 3.0 Training Plan

Straight from the mind of Hunter McIntyre, one of the world’s top obstacle course racers, we’ve got a brand new, fully updated training plan for you with 12 week short-distance, mid-distance and long distance detailed workouts from Hunter, along with Hunter’s secret tips, techniques and training strategies for maximizing every last second of your training, and gaining the ultimate combination of speed, strength and stamina that a guy like Hunter possesses.

Within the pages of this new training document, you’ll find:

  • The best tools you can possess for obstacle course training
  • Mobility and stability how-to’s
  • The best ways to cross-train for obstacle course racing
  • Periodization and base-building decoded and easily broken down
  • How to choose the ideal race for you
  • A potent running form system for ultimate efficiency and economy
  • Tapering tips for the last week before your big race
  • A 30-day training bonus for using Hunter’s secret weapon: the sled
  • How to use Hunter’s “hybrid strength training” methods to get breakthrough results
  • A complete 12-week short distance, 12-week middle distance and 12-week long distance training plan

Yep, you read right! This is your chance to train with the exact program and strategy used by one of the top obstacle racers on the face of the planet, the great Hunter McIntyre.

#4 Pro Athlete Insider Interview Series



In this pro athlete insider interview series, Hunter sits down for intimate interviews with the world’s top obstacle racing experts, who reveal their best physical and mental tricks for obstacle racing domination, along with amazing and inspirational stories that will keep you educated and entertained as you tune in while you train.

  • Amelia Boone: 2013 Spartan Race World Champion & 2012 World’s Toughest Mudder, Death Race finisher, attorney, Reebok and EPIQ athlete.
  • Ella Kociuba: Publisher of “All Things Ella“, female elite obstacle racer, adventure racer and all-around controversial bad ass who battled back from a horrific injury.
  • KK Stewart-Paul: Professional Spartan athlete with an impressive grab-bag of obstacle racing tips and tricks.
  • Orla Walsh: Explosive athlete whose sudden dominance on the Spartan Race circuit has impressed many.
  • Chris Rutz: A pro obsessively devoted to obstacle racing with a background in cycling, adventure racing, trail-running and triathlon.
  • David Magida: One of the 10 original members of the Reebok Spartan Race Pro Team, Magida has been a consistent podium threat since his first obstacle race. He also is the owner and operator of Elevate Interval Fitness in Washington, DC, where he coaches Obstacle Race Training in addition to his daily programming.
  • Hobie Call: The legend of obstacle racing who has dominated the sport from the beginning with his running prowess combined with insane obstacle skills.
  • Matt Novakovich: 40 year old pro Spartan racer who wins nearly every race, rarely misses an obstacle and is the most skilled mountain runner on the circuit.
  • Rose Wetzel: Female obstacle racing pro, personal trainer and sports model with expert status in nutrition, sleep, beating stress and holistic health and fitness.
  • Tyann Clark: Mother of 3, Spartan Pro Team member, sub 3-hour marathoner and extreme endurance athlete.
  • Alec Blenis: A young teenage phenom who is quickly rising in the ranks of obstacle racing with his fast feet and natural, raw skills.
  • Margaret Schlachter: Author, entrepreneur and the first ever professional female obstacle course racer.

By tapping into the minds of these inspiring experts, you’re going to progress your obstacle racing knowledge and skills by leaps and bounds!

#5 Obstacle Dominator Video Instructions

Rather than learning about obstacles the hard, slow, and painful way, we’ll teach you the most efficient and proven ways to do everything from bucket carrying to wall climbing to spear throwing. With smooth technique, zero-guesswork instructions and HD video straight from the experts, you’ll discover the fastest and safest ways to tackle obstacles like:

  • Spear throw
  • Obstacle wall
  • Cinder block drag
  • Bucket carry
  • Herculean Hoist
  • Tyrolean Traverse
  • Traversal Wall
  • Slippery Wall
  • Hobie Hop
  • Log Jump
  • Rope Climb
  • Tire Flip
  • And Much More!

Via high-definition videos, close-ups, and crisp, clear demonstration, we save you from getting bleeding hands, bruised knees, blistered feet and tons of burpee and embarrassing obstacle failure penalties, and instead show you exactly how to navigate your obstacle races with extreme speed and confidence.

#6 How to Create Your Own Obstacle Course


You’ll be absolutely shocked when you see how easy and cheap it is to create your own obstacles and your own homemade obstacle workout course.

Just imagine – with a few simple obstacles in your backyard or garage that you can go practice with anytime you’d like, your fitness and skills are going to absolutely explode! For Spartan spears to cinder block drags to full-on training walls, for just a few bucks at the hardware store (and the most basic and easy of construction skills!) you’ll discover how to make everything you need.

Your photo-rich and step-by-step instructional guide will show you exactly how to easily make whichever obstacles you’d like, including:

  • Spear throw
  • Obstacle wall
  • Cinder block drag
  • Bucket carry
  • Herculean joist
  • Tyrolean traverse
  • Traversal wall
  • Slippery wall
  • Hobie hop
  • Log jump
  • Rope climb
  • Tire flip
  • And much more!

You’ll save money on expensive gym membership, save time driving to parks to find obstacles, and most importantly, and have extreme confidence knowing that you’re able to practice on any obstacle anytime you’d like!

#7 Inside The Mind Of A Spartan: Top Secret Controversial Interview With Spartan CEO Joe DeSena


In this controversial, entertaining and educational audio interview with the crazy CEO of Spartan racing and the most influential man worldwide in obstacle racing, you’ll get to see how Joe tackles the toughest of questions from Ben Greenfield, including:

  • How Joe plans on making obstacle racing into an Olympic sport…
  • Why people get away with cheating in obstacle racing and what he plans to do about it…
  • Why obstacle racing is actually much safer than popular media actually thinks…
  • How the aid stations in obstacle racing work, and how you can get the most out of them…
  • What he thinks about ballerina tutus and body paint fitting into the sport of obstacle racing…
  • What’s going to make you faster – being a “skinny-mini” runner or a muscular Crossfitter…
  • The biggest fear that keeps the CEO of Spartan racing awake at night…
  • What the ultimate obstacle racing “dream race” would look like, and whether it could actually happen…

By getting a glimpse into the mind of the boss of Spartan, you’ll make yourself a smarter, more confident athlete who knows the future of the sport, and what to expect in your next race.

#8 Obstacle Dominator Fuel: Complete Nutrition Plan for Obstacle Training & Racing

Navigating the world of exercise and performance nutrition can be confusing and frustrating, especially when it comes to eating before your race, fueling your workouts the right way and figuring out how to carry things like fuel and water on the race course without slowing yourself down.

The last thing you want is to be halfway through your obstacle race and completely run out of energy, or worse yet, come down with a bad case of gas, bloating or some other digestive distress.

But Ben Greenfield has put together the perfect plan for you to have everything you need for your obstacle training and racing, from every single meal of the day, to recipes, to fuel prep instructions, to exactly how you should eat for all the different distances of obstacle racing.

Whether you plan on a 24 hour event, or a quick hour long sprint, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to know to burn fat, build lean muscle and fuel your body the right way without destroying your gut, including:

  • Step-by-step daily meal instructions with easy-to-follow recipes…
  • Race day fueling plan for each different obstacle racing distance…
  • Nutrient-dense and easy-to-digest foods that don’t require extreme dieting…
  • Foods that will build muscle, burn fat, enhance recovery, and make you fast…
  • A guide to the confusing world of supplements, and exactly what works and what doesn’t…
  • And much more!

It’s a shame to see so many fit people (even the pros!) struggling to or not even making it to the finish line simply because they didn’t know how to hydrate or fuel properly for obstacle racing.

You definitely won’t be one of those people, and you also won’t be one of the people who gets fat (or can’t put on lean muscle) from the wrong nutrition or improper fueling during your training.

#9 Complete Obstacle Dominator Video Course

Filmed on-site at the official Obstacle Dominator training camp at Ben Greenfield’s house, these 17 brand new, high resolution training videos walk you step-by-step through beginner, intermediate and advanced training strategies for:

  • Grip Strength
  • Running
  • Vertical Walls
  • Horizontal Walls
  • Vertical Ropes
  • Horizontal Ropes
  • Barbwire Crawls
  • Heavy Drags
  • Bucket Carries
  • Sandbag Carries
  • Log Weaves
  • Rigs & Monkey Bars
  • Balance Beams
  • Tire Flips
  • Spear Throws
  • Burpees
  • Race Pacing

We’re talking over three hours of pure obstacle course training and racing gold, with clearly demonstrated instructions from the Obstacle Dominator team. You simply sit back and soak up the knowledge!

#10 Obstacle Dominator Mental Tactics Guide


To train you how to become the ultimate mental machine, we tapped into the knowledge of US Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine to discover how to decode the mental game of hard workouts, painful crucibles, masochistic races and seemingly impossible obstacles.

In this one hour audio and full accompanying guide, you’ll discover Commander Divine’s top mental tactics that really work when you’re preparing to go into the pain cave and when you’re in the pain cave, including:

  • How to breathe (and how not to breathe) when the going gets tough…
  • The exact visualization techniques used by the world’s fiercest soldiers…
  • Tools to forge the resiliency and mental toughness necessary to succeed, even at an elite level…
  • Mark’s practical tips for starving fear and feeding courage…
  • How to use Mark’s “5 Mountains” of self-mastery to control your emotions perfectly…
  • Mark’s three-sphere awareness system…
  • The five most critical mental toughness skills you must possess to truly dominate…
  • How to embrace the suck and block out pain when the going gets tough…
  • And much more…

This guy trains the greatest warriors in the world to never crack under pressure and to literally 20x their physical and mental capabilities, and now you get his most potent secrets.

As you can see, we didn’t pull any punches or hold anything back when it came to putting together the ultimate obstacle training, fueling and racing package.

  • You get a zero-guesswork training plan that lets you wake up every morning knowing exactly which workout to do…
  • You get the confidence if knowing you’re going to arrive at the starting line of your race with supreme confidence and no risk of embarrassment…
  • You get an amazing body, and completely avoid the fat-traps and muscle-loss so many people experience because they trained and ate the wrong way…
  • You get to impress your friends and fellow competitors as you navigate through every obstacle with proven skills and calm, calculated speed…
  • You get to avoid all the painful blisters, the frustrating chafing, the bleeding hands, the bruised knees and the extreme discomfort most people have to deal with…
  • You get to have more time for your career, family, friends and other hobbies and sports because you don’t waste any time with the wrong training methods…
  • You get to sail through that final obstacle with a huge smile on your face and your hands raised high the air because you learned from the experts and did everything the right way…

So let’s review every crucial piece of your Obstacle Dominator package



  1. NEW! Train Like the Pros: Complete Pre-Season & In-Season OCR Guide – A program specifically designed to allow any athlete to train for obstacle course racing in a running-specific manner.
  2. Obstacle Dominator Training Manual: 6 Complete Obstacle Race Training Plans For All Levels – never guess about training again (includes TrainingPeaks version too!).
  3. Obstacle Dominator 3.0 Training Plan – top-secret training methods of Hunter McIntyre revealed.
  4. Pro Athlete Insider Interview Series – tap into the minds of the experts.
  5. Obstacle Dominator Video Instructions – learn the exact skills to conquer every obstacle.
  6. How to Create Your Own Obstacle Course – discover how to make your own affordable and easy obstacles.
  7. Inside The Mind Of A Spartan: Top Secret Controversial Interview With Spartan CEO Joe DeSena – glimpse inside the mind of the world’s most influential man in obstacle racing.
  8. Obstacle Dominator Fuel: Complete Nutrition Plan for Obstacle Training & Racing – burn fat, build lean muscle, and never run out of energy.
  9. Complete Obstacle Dominator Video Course – over three hours of HD video content that takes all the guesswork out of obstacles.
  10. Obstacle Dominator Mental Tactics Guide – the same Navy SEAL systems used by the world’s top warriors before they go to battle.

This is the kind of information you’d normally pay the pros, personal trainers, nutritionists, physicians, scientists and experts thousands of dollars to access, and spend many, many hours of your precious time trying to hunt down and piece together…

…but now you’ve got it all in one convenient, proven and easy-to-use package, all for the same price as a decent pair of obstacle racing shoes.

  • So Simple, Anyone Can Do It
  • Everything You Need In One Package
  • Developed by Two Seasoned Obstacle Racers
  • Tested with Time Spent In The Trenches
  • Explained in Clear Detail With No Guesswork
  • Digital Download

$97 Get The New 3.0 Version Now

Oh yeah, one other thing.

We decided that we wanted to sweeten the pot even more for you.

So when you grab the Obstacle Dominator, we’ve got a few special surprise bonuses waiting for you on the inside…

Like a fat discount to any and all Spartan races you ever decide to do. It doesn’t expire and you can use it anytime, at any race you want.

So not only do you get everything you need to know to train for the race, but you get into the race for a boatload of savings too. 

But that’s not all.

We’ve also designed something extremely unique and for you fitness freaks out there, something mildly insane. We call it “The Underground Guide To Unconventional Obstacle Training”. Let’s just say you decide you want to impress your friends, inject new excitement into your off-season, learn how to use the craziest exercise tools on the face of the planet…

…and destroy your workouts with battle ropes, kettlebells, clubs, maces and sandbags. Yeah. We teach you all that in this guide. It’s certifiably nuts, but you’ll dig it.

That’s right. You get the racing discount, and our Underground Guide, in addition to everything else you need to dominate your Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, Tough Guy, Warrior Dash, Mud Run, Atlas Race, Superhero Scramble or any other primal, epic or grueling feat of endurance you’ve decided to take on.

  • Train And Fuel With Supreme Confidence
  • Get All The Glory Without The Frustration
  • No More Guess-Work
  • Maximum Results in Minimum Time
  • Develop An Amazing Body And Get Fast Too
  • Digital Download

$97 Get The New 3.0 Version Now

and throw in my two killer bonuses too!

Oh, and just in case those two bonuses aren’t getting you excited, we’ve got even more for you…

In the first 10 podcast episodes of Obstacle Dominator, Ben and Hunter chatted about beginner obstacle racing mistakes, proper obstacle racing etiquette, pre-race nutrition for obstacle racing, training for the spear throw, the best body weight exercises, and much more.

And even though you can listen to these podcasts on iTunes, we decided to transcribe them for you too, so that you can take them on the go, read them on an e-reader, or take a deeper dive into any of the killer content created during those first 10 episodes.

It’s that much more killer knowledge for you to dominate your obstacle racing.

So let’s review. You’ll get…

  • NEW! Train Like the Pros: Complete Pre-Season & In-Season OCR Guide 
  • Obstacle Dominator Training Manual
  • Obstacle Dominator 2.0 Training Plan
  • Pro Athlete Insider Interview Series
  • Obstacle Dominator Video Instructions
  • How to Create Your Own Obstacle Course
  • Top Secret Controversial Interview With Spartan CEO
  • Complete Nutrition Plan for Obstacle Training & Racing
  • Spartan Race Discount
  • Unconventional Obstacle Course Training Guide
  • Complete Obstacle Dominator Transcripts
  • Complete Obstacle Dominator Video Course
  • Obstacle Dominator Mental Tactics Guide
  • 100% Confidence and Dominance In Your Training and Racing
  • Digital Download

$97 Get The New 3.0 Version Now

and throw in my two three killer bonuses too!

Whether you’re just getting started in obstacle racing, or you want to completely dominate your next obstacle race, it’s time to stop guessing and start getting results.

Enjoy the journey, and we’ll see you at the races.