Train Like the Pros: Complete Pre-Season & In-Season OCR Guide

$ 47.00


Are you an already fit athlete or a total newbie who doesn’t need constant feedback and communication from a coach, but does want to plug in intelligent, targeted sessions to your training schedule?

This program, designed by Obstacle Dominator host and professional OCR athletes Beni Gifford and Brakken Kraker, is specifically designed to allow any athlete to train for obstacle course racing (OCR) in a very running specific manner (the proven run-based model that the top pros use!). The sport of OCR revolves around the ability to traverse the racecourse as swiftly as possible, and this program prepares you to do just that. The beauty of this program lies in its ability to be used in a modular way. There are four types of training blocks present in this program: Off-Season, Pre-Season, In-Season, and Championship Season.

The Off-Season and Pre-Season blocks are 8-week programs consisting of 2x 4-week microcycles. They can be shortened to one 4 week block of training or can be completed as a full 8-week block, depending on the time available to you in your build-up to your goal races. 

The In-Season block is even more modular. While scripted as a 12-week progression, it can be applied in as little as 4 weeks or extended for up to 24 weeks. Again, the amount of preparation time available to you will determine how you apply this block.

The fourth and final piece to this program is the Championship Season block. This is a 5-week training cycle that fine-tunes and sharpens your fitness towards one specific race, location, and distance. 

When applying these four blocks of training, you simply need to identify your goal Championship race, then work backward in order to correctly time your transitions from block to block. The entire program can be completed in as few as 18 weeks, while also having the ability to be extended for up to 33 weeks! However, it’s applications are not limited to a linear application. You can return to any previous block of training at any time in order to restart your training. You might have a very important race in June that you prepare for starting in January. Upon completing that race, you can take a week or so of rest and recovery before completing another 4-week block of Pre-Season. From there you build back up towards your next Championship race in October. For each day – delivered in an instantly downloadable .pdf you can view on your computer, phone or e-reader, and print with zero restrictions – you’ll receive a complete plan with clear execution and purpose on each session for every training day.