Season Three; Episode #1: NEW HOST…guess who?

22 Feb Season Three; Episode #1: NEW HOST…guess who?

While Hunter’s focus moves solely to Crossfit, Obstacle Dominator refocuses with a NEW host, marking the beginning of season 3 and some BIG, EXCITING changes. But who IS the new co-host to complete the sweet sweet Beni OD-partnership?

-A man who has beaten EVERY name in Spartan Race (Jon Albon, Hobie Call, Ryan Atkins, Hunter Mcyntire, Robert Killian etc) except for Cody Moat and Sergei Perelygin

-A true OG of OCR, proven by the fact that he’s been around long enough to be one of the few that is still owed prize money by the long deceased Superhero Scramble

-The most well read and educated competitive athlete in the sport on health and fitness, and all things OCR

-A multiple time Spartan Series champ

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