Episode 51: Q&A With Physical Therapist, Kenpo Black Belt & Spartan SGX Coach Dr. Joey Cadena

22 Jan Episode 51: Q&A With Physical Therapist, Kenpo Black Belt & Spartan SGX Coach Dr. Joey Cadena

In this episode, Hunter McIntyre interviews Dr. Joey Cadena, owner and lead physical therapist at the specialized manual orthopaedic physical therapy center, PhysioSports Therapy.

Not only is Dr. Joey Cadena one of the leading physical therapists in his field, he also holds a Kenpo black belt and is Spartan SGX Coach. In this episode you will discover:

-How improving your balance will improve your athleticism…

-What are some of the weaknesses that all athletes can strengthen…

-How to get stronger feet and glutes…

-And much more!

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 Music courtesy Skorge – Sail (AWOLNATION Dubstep Rmx)
  • Mike Ferguson
    Posted at 14:03h, 09 February Reply

    Ben, I want to say I’m a huge fan of the podcast and I have sent you messages in the past as well as questions and I have listened to every podcast that you have put out at least twice and I will continue to listen in but I want to give feedback because you always ask for it and this last podcast number 52 was very dry and very hard to listen the whole way through as I guess for me personally the reason I started listening in was for obstacle advice and nutrition as well as recovery and not so much spiritually. Thank you for trying to be creative and bring new things to the table but again just my personal Comment is that I listen solely based on nutrition, recovery and how to become a better endurance / OCR athlete.

  • Simon Hunter
    Posted at 10:05h, 17 November Reply

    I find the show notes to be lacking as well. There was a pad of some sort mentioned in this podcast, it sounded like “Eric’s pad” on amazon. I can’t find anything like that, can you clarify what was said or provide a link please. 13:50 mark.

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